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Friday, January 23, 2015

Sweet Personal Pouch (Etui)

This small shell pattern pouch was made as a momento for a dear friend leaving our area. The lacey edging makes it easy to weave the drawstrings. The soft blue etui is finished off with two vintage buttons from Mom's tin can of buttons. What treasures would you put in the etui?

The hashtag for this blog... #tilwehugagainMae

*Etui - French for a small decorative case/pouch

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rice Heating Pads

Remember the Hooting Pads I made last year? Fun, huh? This year, I made some rice heating pads for some last minute gifts and for us. Our old hot socks were pretty sorry looking.

I made these five with this tutorial, sewing the divisions three inches apart with about 3/4 cup of rice in each. These started out as a 14" square piece of fabric which ended up about 13" x 6".  The was a lot of pinning. I must confess, I am a lazy pinner. There were a bunch of bent pins that didn't survive this project. 

I found this Oh so much easier tutorial and made this one. You really only want to fill each section about 1/2 full. Any more than that, they don't bend as much as I like.

Since that was so easy, I made 2 ugly masculine bags. These turned out a little bigger because they are manly.

There is a printable label here if you want to make your own and give as gifts. I made up my own because I love damask.

You want one? I'm driving around with them gift wrapped in my car. I hope to avoid that awkward moment when some one surprises you with a gift and I can Oh so smoothly say, I have something for you too! 

Brilliant, I know.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Exciting New Venture!

 Starting a new venture is always exciting and a trial and error process.  So when an associate started making organic soaps and scrubs, I was excited for them.  Then I was asked to make a soap pouch or pocket.  We discussed what to name this product and since the name of their company had the French word for soap - savon, then it was decided that this product should also be French.  These wonderful hand made products are called Etui's (pronounced A-TWEE).

 They come in all different styles and colors. 
Please visit and browse the website and "LIKE" it. Read the complete story there!
These can be ordered online or available at the Hyatt Spa Gift Shop, Estero, FL.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The "Baseball Series"

Ah yes, The Fun Aunt's Baseball Series.

It might not be quite what you think.  Baseball is a staple sports in my household.  And I can ignore the best of games.  I hear about the Chicago Cubs and the Tampa Bay Rays...oh there are many more. Ugh.

However, I have two little guys that are avid NY Yankee fans, the same as their dad.  They made a special request months ago to "Aunt Nannie".  Well, of course, I obliged them.  Derek and Alex wanted crocheted baseballs.  That's not exactly what they said, but I knew they wanted one of my "unique" projects.

So, I created the "Baseball Series". 

I started with a pre-made baseball. I figured it would hold it's shape better than regular stuffing.
The original looking baseballs are firm foam inside.  I thought they were a little BORING.

Then knowing the names of the types of baseball pitches, I designed the first of the "series".  I used hard rubber baseballs for these. Oh yeah, they could hurt if thrown, say...at a brother!

We have "Screw Ball" here.

Then there is "Spit Ball".

Here's a picture of the boys when they received the first of The Fun Aunt's Baseball Series.
My Fans...

Next to come in the Baseball Series...
                 "Knuckle Ball"; "Slider Ball"; "Fast Ball"; "Fork Ball".

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Did you have a good day eating off real dishes, wiping your mouth with cloth napkins, riding your bicycle to the grocery? I taught the kid how to sew. She made a shopping bag for each of her teachers. I'm completely obsessed with yellow and gray at the moment.

I love this pattern! I have made some out of denim. They are a total rip off of the plastic shopping bag, But they are soooo much prettier not to mention fully reversible.

She worked very hard on these, so she got her own label. She's a very conscientious thread snipper. Who knew?

We finished off the day planting two red oak saplings in our front yard.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm famous!!

**I fixed the link**
March 12, 2013

Hey everybody! Clinton Kelly was talking about me on TV! Watch it here!!! I'm right around the 5 minute mark!

You see last fall, Ranks invited us to a good old fashioned neighborhood hog roast. It was most delicious. I only wished I would have been there 10 hours before to rub all those spices in to the pig's belly myself.

Everybody brought a little something and we had a full fledged feast.  I took a nectarine blueberry cobbler and scalloped corn. 

The weather was beautiful and everybody was happy to get together!

As you can see, the cobbler went over well.

I heard from The Chew a couple days after I uploaded the photo to their My Bites section of their site.

I work for The Chew, and we love your photo of Carla's Nectarine Blueberry Buckle that you uploaded on My Bites!

What is your name?

Hopefully we'll use the photo in an upcoming episode of The Chew!


I immediately replied, but really I thought it was an automated response. So I had The Chew on while I was figuring out how many sheets of panel insulation I needed for the basement, I noticed they were talking about skillets. Hmm.. could it be? To be honest, I haven't even finished the show. I just keeping watching my BFF Clinton talk about me.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Easy Skillet Pork and Vegetable Dinner

Want to make an easy skillet dinner in less than 15 minutes?
Of course you do!
First just look in your refrigerator and see what vegetables you have.
You don't have any fresh vegies? No worries, check the freezer or go ahead and use canned vegetables.

This is how I made my "Easy Skillet Pork and Vegetable Dinner":

I used a package of brocoli slaw mix, diced celery, sliced onions, minced garlic and mushrooms.
Add olive oil and butter, oh yes, lots of butter. Season with garlic salt, pepper and some Mrs. Dash.  Saute with a lid on the skillet.

You can substitute French style green beans if you don't want to use the brocoli slaw mix.  Throw in some water chestnuts for a nice crunchy taste.

Now what will make this a quick meal, is that your meat is already cooked. I cook about 5# of chicken breasts and boneless pork up ahead of time on the George Foreman grill. When you want them, get them out of the freezer.

So, Add the pre-grilled boneless pork or chicken filets.  I cut the meat into chunks.


Add stir fry sauce, not too much!

** For a lighter taste, use chicken stock for sautee instead of butter & stir fry sauce, season & leave saucey.

Serve with rice. I mix the brown rice with the white rice together.

Garnish the plate with bright red cherry tomatoes and carrots and ENJOY your meal!

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